things #8 & #9: RSS

2 09 2008

I love Google Reader.  In the past, I was a Bloglines girl, but I am increasingly sucked into the the Google cult, errr, I mean Google family of products!  If you have a Gmail account, get on Google Reader now!  And if you don’t have a Gmail account, well, I’ll only accept one excuse for not having one: Google honors China’s demands to filter the content the search engine provides to Chinese citizens.  If you’re able to look past this little ethical dilemma, get a Gmail account now!

Enough political talk.  Here are some noteworthy feeds I subscribe to via Google Reader:

Consumerist: If you love to complain about poor customer service, this is the blog for you!  Did you have a nightmarish encounter with a flight attendant?  Send it into Consumerist.  Spot a ridiculously-labeled package?  Take a photo and send it in.  Unfortunately, their tag for good experiences, “above and beyond,” doesn’t seem to get enough usage.  Yes, there are occasional posts about libraries, but I want more nitty gritty than that.  I long for a post about an atrocious real-life customer service disaster at a library because it will be indicative that our users expect more than mediocrity from us.  It will be a sign that they’ve stopped settling.  In the meantime, I will have to make do with hilarious post like this, submitted by a friend of mine.

I Can Has Cheezburger: If you can understand people’s comments on the posts, you are a super genius.

Stuff White People Like: I am pretty shocked that libraries haven’t made the list yet.  If you’re white and live outside of rural Appalachia, this blog is pointing its finger directly at YOU.  Don’t try to deny it.




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