thing #11: no to library thing, yes to goodreads!

18 09 2008

(Long time, no blogging thanks to the major power outages in the midwest!)

For thing #11 of Learn & Play @ CML, we were encouraged to set up a Library Thing account.  Well, I polled my friends and found that most people use goodreads instead.  Goodreads it is.  I have wanted to do one or both for a while.  Again, Learn & Play is the best excuse ever to do some fun stuff!

Find me on goodreads!  I think it may be my new addiction.  Looking forward to learning more and doing more with it.

I added the first few books that came to mind: the Scott Westerfeld Uglies series & some Nancy Farmer books.  I am a sucker for all things teen sci fi.  Especially those that expore moral & ethical issues.

Consider yourself warned: if you become my friend on goodreads you will probably think less of me because the Twilight series will be amongst some of my faves.  Sorry.  But I really do think the series explores issues that go well beyond Edward’s good looks.  Yes,  Stephenie Meyer is kind of a crap writer, but the story is good!  I can’t wait for the movie to come out!  Sorry again.

I think this is a hilarious recap of what happened to the cast at the VMAs:

If only I were that clever at her age.




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