thing #12: twitter-dee, twitter-dum

19 09 2008

I talk too much.*  I write too much.  I am verbose.  That’s why I love Twitter.  It forces me to keep it short and sweet.  Find me on Twitter!

I think I might love TwitterFox, one of my favorite Firefox extensions, even more than Twitter itself.

Do you know how badly our library needed Twitter this week?  SO BADLY.  I have been wanting to embed a Twitter-feed on our homepage for a while now and this week would have been perfect.  The windstorm/hurricane Ike remnants of the Midwest left us with over half of our locations closed and the public eager to know which ones were open so they could come in to use wireless.  Or charge their cell phone.  Or charge their electric razor.

Instead of a simple Twitter post, we were left to deal with posting red text at the top of our homepage via our homegrown content management system.  The red worked great.  But cool and sleek it was not.

How does Twitter typically get used?  Well, in my circles these days, most tweets involve either the presidential campaign and or International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Ahoy!

Meanwhile, I enjoyed some Scrabble by candlelight and I learned that a tree in my backyard split at the base of the trunk.  I’ll probably have to cut it down so that it doesn’t fall on my house.  SUCKO.

*And yet I HATE talking on the phone, so much so that I don’t even have a cell phone.  I am one big bundle of paradoxical surprises.




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