things #15 & #16: wikis

14 10 2008

Wikis: always a lurker/consumer, rarely a contributor.*  I am a web 2.0 lame-o.

Maybe it’s because I think wikis are generally lacking when it comes to design?  I am girl who judges the book by its cover, so if it’s not pretty, I’m typically not having it.

However, I really like it when wikis get used like this.  The session proposal wiki is awesome!  So much so that I kind of pondered heading off to Chicago somewhat last minute.  But then I slept on it and changed my mind.  Looking at the attendees list, I would be one of the few girls going.  Hmmm.  Not sure how I feel about that.  Plus, I would probably just feel more dumb rather than more empowered about Drupal.  And we must not forget that the economy is in the crapper these days; probably not the best idea to burn fossil fuels and tax payers’ dollars in order to get out there.

*But now thanks to this wiki, I am becoming less of a lurker and more of a contributor.




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