thing #19: power tools page

27 10 2008

Long ago and far away, the lovely Joy and I created the Power Tools page.  It was a fun little project!  The best thing that’s happened to it so far, imo, is the catalog search plugin.   I also like the freedom that comes with knowing the page is a work in progress.  We can try different things, add to the page, take away from it, etc.  It’s almost like a refreshing little vacation; an opportunity to get away from the large, unwieldy, and bureaucratic projects we often take part in.  That’s definitely one of the drawbacks, and something worthy of an entirely separate post, of working for a large library system. 😉




2 responses

30 10 2008

What are the hits like on the Tools page? Do we know how many people have installed the toolbar or plugin?

6 10 2012
Bruno Wislocki

Power tools are really nice because they can make your life easier if you are doing lots of do-it-yourself handyman at home. “””;*

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