thing #23: this is the end

17 11 2008

778181021This is my last Learn & Play post, my last thing.  I can’t believe it!  It seems like it went by much too quickly.  I am so happy for the process, because it has brought me out of the depths of blurkerdom and into the heights of participation.  For me, it was the perfect amount of accountability.  Not to mention the virtual camaraderie that this journey has cooked up at CML — thanks to Twitter, etc. I now know my colleagues better.  Like the first Care Bears movie, it’s kind of adorable.

Now, the challenge is to keep it up: to maintain my professional presence on the interwebs. (Should “professional” and “interwebs” be used in the same sentence?).  Can I do that?  Egotistically assuming I have been already, can I be terribly witty and impressive in the long haul?  Only time will tell….




2 responses

21 11 2008

congrats Maggie !

1 08 2013

” Other lawmakers have described the latest TSA security change as misguided and dangerous. The knife has a camouflaged metal handle and blade that would make it unlikely to reveal a soldiers position. More exotic materials usually only seen on art or ceremonial knives include: Cattle bone, mammoth tooth, mammoth ivory, walrus tusk, antler (often called stag in a knife context), sheep horn, buffalo horn.

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