About Me

Oh hai! I’m Maggie Baxter, a Digital Experience Analyst for the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Ohio. Hands down, I work for the world’s finest public library system.

Yes, the Rod Stewart song is my namesake. If I were gutsy enough, I would totally get my haircut like Rod’s in that video. The first two words in the song, WAKE UP, could not be any more applicable to me. I could hit the snooze button all the live long day. I am rather organized/type-a/”on top of things” but I just can’t…get…up most days.

I try to work hard and smart to see the day when we, as librarians, stop mucking up the interwebs with our counter-intuitive library websites and lame digital presence. We are sitting on an overlooked goldmine of awesomeness. Let’s change that. Let’s be dangerous dreamers!

My chit chat with our teen users can be found on the blog at the Library’s teen website.

It is extraordinarily easy for me to waste copious amounts of time on I Can Has Cheezburger. I also enjoy being devious with everything from the food I eat, to the fuel I put in my gas tank, to the convictions of my heart.

For an uncensored, thoroughly non-professional version of me, find me on Facebook or Livejournal, where I maintain a friends only blog.

Contact: maggie baxter at gmail dot com

Twitter: maggiebaxter


3 responses

21 08 2008
Joy in Digital Services

I ❤ you sooooo much… you know that, right? 🙂

22 08 2008

I like yr blog’s name & I like that cat!

22 08 2008

Oh hai! I didn’t know you had a kitteh! How could I not know that?? 😮

Wow…how lucky are we to have you in DS???!!! Very! Oh, and you’ve inspired me to take a pic of me with my kitteh!

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