thing #21: podcasts

3 11 2008

I am not super into podcasts.  Perhaps it’s because I try to be un-plugged as much as possible?  (Remember, I don’t even have a cell phone).  My husband, on the other hand, lives by podcasts.  They help get him through his long commute.

Almost exclusively, I listen to NPR in the car.  For road trips, I break out the audio books.  You guessed it, I don’t have an iPod either.  What is wrong with me?!  Since I don’t have an iPod and because I don’t really listen to anything while working, I guess podcasts don’t (yet) have a place in my life.

However, let’s assume that I did listen & subscribe to podcasts, my list would probably include something like The Sound of Young America, recommended by my brilliant & resourceful friend Nathan (he claims I bounce ideas off him too much and rely on his input too often without giving credit, so this should cover me for the next year or so).