thing #20: youtube

29 10 2008

Since I secretly hope my future kids become bgirls or bboys instead of soccer players or football players or whatever, and because it’s timely, I thought I’d share this video:

But seriously folks, I heart YouTube.  It’s therapeutic.  If I’m having a crap day, goofing off on YouTube for a few minutes often helps me out.  It works the same whenever I need inspired or motivated (I’ll spare you links to boring stuff like that).  And on those nights when you’re sitting around with your friends reminiscing about old movies and such, YouTube to the rescue.


thing #10

9 09 2008

funny pictures

moar funny pictures

My very first lolcat!  Featuring my very own furry beasts: Spooky and Sophie.  Or, as we more often call them: “The Doid” and “Phronic.”  DON’T ASK.  But do go to I Can Has Cheezburger and make your own!  And click on the photo to vote for my pic!!!

thing #6: where i’ve been

27 08 2008
While looking around at different Flickr APIs, I found this. I’ve seen other people use it on their blogs and decided to fill out my own map. What message does this send? I NEED TO TRAVEL MORE. Perhaps, if I charm your socks off on this blog, you’ll invite me to come visit you so that my map can become more green.