thing #22: MOLDI…er, Digital Media!

11 11 2008

74148397More so than the name (believe it or not!), MOLDI‘s non-compatibility with iPods & iTunes has always bugged me.  As a Mac girl through and through, hypocritically typing this on my work desktop PC, I am so happy to say that MOLDI will now play nicely with iPods!  Yesssss!  I am so happy to now be able to sell it to customer’s without embarrassingly saying, “There’s a catch….”  I look forward to watching this collection grow and grow in depth, breadth, and usage.

However, besides occasionally watching a DVD on my laptop while traveling or blasting my iTunes while cleaning the house, I am not the biggest fan of digital media.  Again, I am a major un-plugger.  You won’t find a cell phone or iPod on my person. (Isn’t “my person” one of the goofiest phrases ever?)  I prefer tangible books, especially for fiction titles — physical items with weight & scent, whose pages beg to be turned, whose only requirement for use is a brain and a source of light.  I wonder how long it will be before I eat these words?  The time when I no longer check out physical books at all but instead download them to one device or another.  Will I be able to say my life is better for the change or is it just an inevitable/neutral change?

P.S.: Don’t you just hate it when you find a rotten one in your crate of clementines?